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2018 PenCraft Award Dinner

On Saturday night I was honored to join twelve of the thirty-one winners of the 2018 Pencraft Award for Literary Excellence. The 2nd Annual Pencraft award Ceremony and Dinner took place at the Book Nook Inn in Lumberton, Texas. The Narragansett Files received the 1st Place for Fiction-Thriller.

David Hearne, the editorial director of wrote, "The Narragansett File is a fast-paced thriller with suspense, intrigue and political challenge . . . Shemeld's numerous life experiences as a Marine, an investigator, a sailing aficionado, finance expert and more - clearly qualified him to write his novel with authority which in turn created that feeling of authenticity as you read it."

My sincerest thanks to Alan Bourgeois, David and Stacie Hearne for their selfless efforts on behalf of the independent author.

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